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Orlando Garage Door Service Repair Orlando, FL 407-917-0053Most people don’t realize that their garage door comprises as much as 50 percent of the exterior that other people see. That is one reason why making sure that your door is aesthetically pleasing is so important. People who are trying to sell their home and business owners trying to attract new customers should especially pay attention to this fact. If the appearance of your garage door is lacking, keep in mind that Orlando Garage Door Service Repair offers numerous specialization options.

The design team at Orlando Garage Door Service Repair focuses on assisting our commercial and residential clients find the design that perfectly represents their personal sense of style. We do this by offering a comprehensive range of designs in addition to materials such as composites, imported wood, and brushed aluminum. We don’t feel there is any such thing as having too many choices when it comes to something this important.

Some of the garage door profiles we offer include bar-inspired, bi-fold, tri-fold and swing doors. No matter which option you choose, you can feel assured that every door we fabricate in our facility contains long-lasting components and hardware. In addition to improving your personal security and resolving access issues, a customized door created by Orlando Garage Door Service Repair can also greatly enhances the overall look of your personal or business property.

High Security Locks

A garage door is functional in nature, but it also provides important security for both residential and commercial properties. This is why Orlando Garage Door Service Repair offers such an extensive selection of highly secure garage door locks. These locks, which have been specially designed for outdoor and heavy-duty use, enable you to have complete control over access to your garage.

Shutters and Security Grilles

Orlando Garage Door Service Repair understands that you must balance budget and security concerns at the same time when choosing new garage door products. That is why we offer security grilles and shutters that provide heavy-duty protection while remaining lightweight. Either one of these security options will provide additional protection for your most valuable assets and can be used in any environment.