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Orlando Garage Door Service Repair is not your average one-size-fits-all garage door repair and installation company. If your garage door access management needs go beyond what we normally offer, we would be happy to create a specialty door. We are able to do this because we maintain a complete inventory of specialty doors just for this purpose. Each member of our design team is also skilled with repair and installation, giving them the rounded experience needed to create a unique door that you will feel proud to have on your property.

Insulated Doors

Orlando Garage Door Service Repair Orlando, FL 407-917-0053An insulated garage door provides an added layer of protection against the elements on the other side of it. You can relax knowing that your vehicle and personal equipment won’t be damaged by weather conditions. This option is especially valuable for businesses with a warehouse component as it protects perishable items from unpredictable temperature extremes.

By having installation added to your existing garage door or purchasing a new door that already contains it, you have more options for what to do with your garage space. A consistent comfortable temperature means that you are able to turn it into a space to pursue hobbies, complete home improvement projects, or even turn it into a recreation area. Another benefit of adding insulation to an attached garage is that it improves the energy efficiency of the entire residential or commercial building structure.

Fire Doors

Fire is not discriminatory. It doesn’t care what it destroys or how fast it spreads. Many people assume they’re helpless to prevent fire, but that just isn’t true. A fire door on your garage can prevent widespread damage should gasoline, paint thinner, cleaning solutions, or another common flammable item found in garages spark and ignite a fire.

Unfortunately, it only takes a single spark or fuel leak on a heated garage surface to set a disastrous fire in motion. This can happen all too easily, especially when flammable objects in the garage come into direct contact with sunlight. Due to the fact that many garages are attached to a home or business, it doesn’t take long for a spark to turn into a fire that engulfs both structures.

While all of this sounds frightening, the decision to install a fire door is a smart one because it dramatically reduces the risk of these scenarios. As you consider different fire doors, pay attention to the rating of each one as well. This determines the degree of heat intensity and amount of flames it is able to withstand. When you consider all of the people and things you want to protect, an investment in a fire door really is a small one.

Numerous municipalities across the United States now require new structures to have a fire door that can withstand flames and heat for at least 20 minutes. This give firefighters the opportunity to arrive and start putting out the fire before it destroys the entire property. The requirements for commercial fire doors are even higher than those of residential properties. When you consider security for your home or business, don’t forget about protecting it from fire.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

Our high-speed door for portals that see unusually high amounts of traffic is another one of our most popular products. These doors have been specially designed to open faster at higher frequencies to avoid problems with backed up traffic trying to access a property. If you’re concerned that such a door would be too noisy, just ask us about creating one for you with noise protection built right into it.