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Orlando Garage Door Service Repair is a full-service garage door repair and installation company located in Orlando. Our company has a large staff of service providers who are all prepared to assist local home and business owners with their most urgent needs at a moment’s notice. We belong to a well-connected network of suppliers that enables us to buy our products at deep discounts and pass along the savings to our customers. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your emergency requests for repair services.

Ready When Needed

Orlando Garage Door Service Repair Orlando, FL 407-917-0053Orlando Garage Door Service Repair stocks a complete line of lift system and garage door parts from the top manufacturers in our industry. We also carry generic parts in order to save you money while still meeting your most pressing needs. Brackets, monitors, door struts, and cables are just some examples of the array of parts in our inventory. Our company also provides special fittings for customized and functional garage doors. You can always feel confident that we have what you need.

Because of our large network and being centrally located in Orlando, a repair technician is able to arrive to restore access to your garage within an hour or less. We understand that you are dealing with a major inconvenience and security risk, which is why we remain available 24 hours a day. You shouldn’t have to wait until it is convenient for someone else to fix the problem when having a malfunctioning garage door creates such major problems for you.

Our Services

Just looking at a garage door, you would never imagine that its operation is so complex. However, that is only because you don’t see the numerous parts working in perfect unison inside of the door. When even one of these small parts breaks, it affects the successful operation of all the other parts. As soon as you recognize a problem, call a technician at Orlando Garage Door Service Repair. We have the expertise to quickly troubleshoot and determine a plan for getting all of the parts working together again.

Another area of specialty for Orlando Garage Door Service Repair is the sale and implementation of aftermarket products for garage doors. Some of these include clicker openers, keypad opening systems, and motion detecting systems for increased safety. The latter type of system instinctively responds when a vehicle or person approaches the garage. This is true whether the garage door is open or closed. We are happy to say that we offer many more products and services that any of our competitors.

The Professional Touch

Other garage door service companies may hire inexperienced technicians to keep their costs as low as possible. This is not fair to customers as it only ends up costing them more when they require an experienced professional to re-do the work. Our hiring standards are high at Orlando Garage Door Service Repair because we don’t think anyone else should have to come in to correct what we should have done right in the first place. We expect our employees to meet high standards of professional conduct every day.

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